10 Must Haves

Building on existing U.N. frameworks and past initiatives that lay out pathways for sustainable transformation, the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory™ at Arizona State University and The Earth League co-convened the GF22 Global Futures Conference to identify 10 ambitious targets for a global transformation that ensures just and sustainable futures for all. A January 2022 meeting of The Earth League yielded a draft of 10 targets⁠—referred to as the ‘must haves’⁠—intended to propel societies toward a future of opportunity rather than sacrifice. The conference was organized around these preliminary 10 outcomes and invited participants to shape the final must haves, and more importantly, define the ‘must-do’ actions.

The following list represents the topic areas and working titles for the must-have outcomes. Conference attendees reframed and rewrote these working titles throughout the conference. The report of these activities will be made public at COP27 on November 12. Check back for an opportunity to review the report and provide comments.

Limit global warming to well below 2°C by 2050.

No more loss of nature’s functions and services.

An economy that operates within safe and just planetary boundaries.

Equitable access to responsible consumption for all.

Transform governance to stay within planetary boundaries.

Healthy and secure food for the global population.

Healthy planet for human well-being.

Safe digital world providing for security, equity and education.

Stability and peace for a global society.

Resilient global society.