10 Must Haves

Building on existing U.N. frameworks and past initiatives that lay out pathways for sustainable transformation, the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory™ at Arizona State University and The Earth League are co-convening the GF22 Global Futures Conference to identify 10 ambitious targets for a global transformation that ensures just and sustainable futures for all.

A January 2022 meeting of The Earth League yielded a draft of 10 targets⁠—referred to as the ‘must haves’⁠—intended to propel societies toward a future of opportunity rather than sacrifice. The conference is organized around these preliminary 10 outcomes; however, participants will shape the final must haves, and more importantly, define the ‘must-do’ actions. This will not be a passive forum; rather, it will be an opportunity to shape the agenda and give direction to governments, corporations and multilateral institutions. The preliminary list of must-have outcomes includes:

Access to responsible consumption for all.

Energy system that limits warming to less than 2°C.

Knowledge, information and technology for human security.

New economy for a sustainable future.

No human-induced extinction.

Readiness to adapt.

Safe and secure global society.

Sustainable food security for 10 billion people.

Transform governance to stay within planetary boundaries.

Well-being through planetary health.