GF23 Global Futures Conference

Sept. 19-21, 2023 | New York City

Critical actions for global transformational change

The GF23 Global Futures Conference will bring together members of the public and private sectors, science and academia, Indigenous communities and youth from around the globe, to actualize bold steps for governments, corporations and multilateral institutions to push the boundaries of discourse on how we can–and must–act to save our planet.

Our world requires humans to act urgently so that we may repair and relieve the stresses we as a global society have placed upon it. In September 2022, GF22 convened with committed global stakeholders who established the 10 Must Haves Initiative, a comprehensive set of “Must Have” areas with “Must Do” actions that can lead the change necessary to provide a future where all may thrive. To take the next step, our world needs an engaged and committed alliance of global citizens who have authority and access to see these Must Haves and Must Dos are implemented. This is the purpose of GF23.

GF23 will be held Sept. 19-21, 2023. Registration for GF23 will open in summer 2023.

GF22: Identifying the 10 Must Haves for a Thriving Future

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